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Do Don't

Top Do's and Don'ts

If bankruptcy is even remotely in the back of your mind:

  1. DO NOT transfer anything, or sell anything for less than what it's worth, or make any unusual or substantial gifts.
  2. DO NOT repay any family members any money you may owe them. Do not "prefer them".
  3. DO NOT make any gifts to anyone, other than small holiday or birthday gifts.
  4. DO NOT use your credit cards anymore. Debit cards (your own money) are fine - and keep an excellent record of what you spend your money on.
  5. DO NOT charge any luxury items or take any fancy trips.
  6. DO NOT listen to your hairdresser or bartender about the law. They do their job well... so do we. Speak with us!
  7. DO NOT hide anything. List ALL of your assets and liabilities. Criminal prosecution could result if you hide anything.

  1. DO keep all of your bills, demands for payment, lawsuit papers, etc...
  2. DO file your federal and state tax returns on time, even if you cannot pay the taxes that may be owed. Just file the tax returns.
  3. DO provide us with the names and addresses of ALL of your creditors, even if you want to pay one or some of them after the bankruptcy case is completed. ALL of your creditors must be listed. Name, address, account number and balance due. Also the same info for each collector.
  4. DO keep your income records. Your paystubs, your accounting sheets, your retirement distributions (if any), your monthly bank statements.
  5. DO open all of your mail. We need to review everything that has been sent to you, including bills, monthly statements, notices and demands.
  6. DO start to work on a reasonable monthly family budget. It's really helpful to know what you can comfortably afford to pay for necessities.
  7. DO contact us as soon as possible to meet with us. We will answer your questions and help you set up the right legal program for you.

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