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Before Bankruptcy:

If the possibility of bankruptcy is even remotely in the back of your mind,

  1. DO NOT transfer anything, or sell anything for less than what it's worth, or make any unusual or substantial gifts
  2. DO NOT repay any family members any money you may owe them
  3. DO NOT charge any luxury items or take any fancy trips
  4. DO NOT listen to your hairdresser or bartender about the law. They do their job well... so do we. Speak with us!

The Bankruptcy Process:

Josh with client

Call this office at 978-687-1818 for a free initial consultation. We will meet for 45 minutes to determine if bankruptcy is a viable option for you. If it is, we will guide you through the process from beginning to conclusion.

  1. At the free initial consultation
    • You will read federally required disclosure statements (should take 15 minutes)
    • We will decide which bankruptcy chapter works
    • We will discuss the procedure, process and fees
    • Review the list of materials you will need to provide
    • Schedule our next meeting
    • You will complete, on your own, an on-line credit counseling course at
  2. At our next series of meetings
    • You will provide us a complete list of your assets and liabilities, income and expenses
    • We will work with you to complete the bankruptcy forms and related documents
    • We will discuss issues that we see and solutions that we recommend
    • You will review the completed documents and we will make modifications as necessary
    • You will sign the completed bankruptcy materials
    • We will electronically file the papers with the court and get your case number and date for the meeting of creditors - about 30 days after the filing date
    • All of your creditors will receive notice about your filing
  3. We will meet you in Worcester or Boston for the meeting of creditors (yes, we will sit right next to you) where the court appointed trustee will ask questions for you to answer under oath
  4. You will complete, on your own, an on-line Financial Management Training course at
  5. If you filed a chapter 7 case, after 60 days (assuming no objections to your discharge) you will receive a discharge issued by the clerk's office
  6. If you filed a chapter 13 case, after successful completion of your plan, you will receive a discharge issued by the clerk's office
  7. No more debts !
Jeff with client

After bankruptcy:

We will help you or point you in the right direction to

  1. Rebuild your credit
  2. Improve your credit score
  3. Get one new credit card
  4. A loan modification, if appropriate
  5. Get a new car (new to you)
  6. A reasonable and workable budget and savings plan
  7. Fresh start... start saving for your future!

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